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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Knitpicks yarn porrrrrrrrn

Yay!! Knitpicks order came in! Although I'm not letting myself open the bag until I finish this d&#%*&#$ paper. It's like a reward or something.

Monday, November 07, 2005

WIP- Scarf

So....this is the scarf that I started when I was at home this past weekend. I haven't done any work on it since I got back to school Saturday. (I was only at home Thursday night- Saturday morning.) It's in Patons Divine, Denim Storm.

Here's a close up. I'm doing it in Twin Rib, which is
Row 1: *k3,p3 repeat from star across row
Row 2: *k1,p1 repeat from star across row

I found it on some random site which is linked in the side bar under WIPs.
(click for larger version)

I didn't know what to do with this yarn. It's like 10% mohair or something and the rest is acrylic I think. I tried a couple different stitch patterns from the site where I got the twin rib. But the really fuzzy yarn made it difficult to do much more than knits and purls. (no crazy yo's and lace.) So this is what I decided to do...I'm probably going to give this scarf away at Christmas but I have no idea who I'll gift it to. It'll probably be someone who gives me a present and then I panic becaus I haven't bought them anything. I'll just give them this lovely scarf. haha. Let me know what you think. <3

Sunday, November 06, 2005

First FO post

I finished my first Coronet last week, but I still need to make a hat for my dad and one for my friend as Christmas presents. Not positive what patterns I'm going to use, but I bought some Wool-ease for them. (Ugh I need to find a good LYS...but that's for another post.) Here's a picture of me wearing Coronet...I used Wool-ease in Blue Mist on size 8's. I think it went pretty well--the cables are so easy and it went pretty fast!

This one shows the color better. Well I'm gonna go get started on my paper...let me know what you think!! :D

First Post!

Well it's _amanda_...I just made this blog so I could join the Hat KAL. I have a lot of schoolwork to do this week but hopefully I'll get around to updating and customizing this blog, and also doing some knitting of course.